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  1. Transcript (I encourage you of course to watch before reading transcript! ) Hi everyone. So, I am learning BSL because...hold on. Trying to deal with the lighting and the lighting. Sorry about the sun. I am earning BSL for two reasons really. Firstly because I enjoy signing and decided to give it a go. I am fluent in American Sign Language and use to interpret and...I now teach. Basically, yeah. I want to learn more signed languages so, why not? Maybe I can work with deaf people in the UK or...just meet people who know BSL. Who knows? I'm interested. Let's see where my interest takes me. Other reason. Well, I live in America and in one word: Politics. That's all I am going to say about that. Ha. Bye!
  2. I would probably sign FAMILY CONTACT CAN/CONTACT HOW or EMERGENCY CONTACT WHO? However FAMILY HAVE CALL? Would be just fine too.
  3. I am around to chat today.
  4. Hello. I haven't been on here in awhile. I am eager to practice. I will be online the usual time 6pm BST
  5. I am around this morning for BSL practice
  6. Voiced over. Throughout this video, I sign the ASL signs for right handed and left handed. Oops.
  7. I am a left handed signer. Always have been. Some people are lefties and you'll find them. tip, just mirror whatever a right handed signe is doing whilst learning. You'll get the hang of it. Promise!
  8. I am on my iPad today and cannot use the VSL forums. I would much appreciate if anyone can Skype me. Cheers!
  9. I will be there tomorrow 6pm BST May 21st
  10. I usually am online on Sundays except yesterday as it was Mother's Day here in America I will definitely be online this Sunday!
  11. Of course you can have MANY favorite signs and can have more favorite signs along the way as you continue learning if you can, post a video of your sign yourself or link a video from an online dictionary/YouTube so we can learn your favorite sign! My favorite among several thus far is Library,
  12. As far as signing goes, I got a handle on signing with one hand (I have had lots of practice one handed signing in ASL). As for the BSL alphabet, what is the norm when we can't use one of our hands? In the video here, I tried spelling my name. I think it kind of makes sense? *if the video cant be view, here is my description. I am wearing a brace on one of my arms which prevents me from bending it far enough to use so I used the other hand for each letter along with wiggling my finger for the respective vowel.
  13. Oh thank you! Makes perfect sense in context.
  14. I wish to take BSL classes. I live in America and obviously, ASL is the popular option around here 😝 -I am fluent in ASL. I am glad to have found this forum as we can video chat! I definitely want to check out online classes though I may not be able to commit till this Fall.
  15. I would be happy to practice via Skype. We do have BSL chat here at Sunday 6pm but that isn't always a good time for me.
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