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  1. HI Annie, Please get in touch with me... I run classes in Southport for all types of signing.. I can give you a dvd of mine and handouts that will help your family to learn at home.. Details of FREE websites/ Free Apps for phone , etc.. My classes are free , we ask voluntary donations at each session attended.. our website: www.practicemakesperfec.org.uk If you ring me 01704 546626 or text me your number Im happy to ring you after my class about 8.30 ( im out 5.25 pm for class 6.pm to 8pm. ) this evening ..
  2. Hi I have a facebook page British signing on skype.. I set it up for peope to contact each other for practice , learning and socialising.. Mark Fisher on there is always eager to sign with everyone. Hope this information is benificial to;you.. maureen Doyle Pracice Makes Perfect. Southport England.
  3. There are alot of Free BSL video dictionaries online.. they are amazing.. You're sure to find anything you want.. and if you dont find what you need then just fingerspell ... Im delighted to support anyone on line vis my facebook pages.. YOu will also find support and links on my website.... Good luck .. . maureen www.practicemakesperfect.org.uk im not sure if the uploaded file works.iits the first time ive done it. Please let me know if it has worked.. Im happy to share information, llinks to good resources etc. Hearing times
  4. Hi .. I highly recommend any of Cath SMith resources... she has a great dictionary around £15.. Flash cards about £10 set... I research Amazon and ebay... and make sure i get the best price . There are many free apps on line for mobiles, tablets etc.. Free BSL dictionary website.. If you want to access my groups website , im happy to support you... if You want to contact me im happy with that too.. My group has been going for 20 years, constituted for 15 years... I/we have won various awards for my/our voluntary work.. MAureen www.practicemak
  5. Hi Jackie.. DOnt give up.... jusr keep practicing you will get there.. Ive been running a voluntary group for 20 years now Constituted for 15 years. ... www.practicemakesperfect.org.uk if you go to it and then join my facebook page via the Facebook logo.. I will send you video clips that you need.. there are lots of FREE apps for mobile phones etc , websites for BSL dictionaries, etc I have my own dvd is you wish to buy it ...details on the website under products.. The secret of becoming a good sign is keep practicing every possible minute.. especially
  6. BSL courses. On LIne. I would recommend the online courses on here only 20 pound for the year ... with amazing finger spelling word searches to make.. ...animated finger spelling.... that you could work with a friend and type some words for each other that would be animated and check each others skills... Videos on here too watch and gain receptive skills.. If you want some help choosing Bsl dictionaries... Please get in touch ..I recommend Cath Smith's Dictionaries and flash cards.. There are also lots of FREE online dictionaries and APPs f
  7. Hi All.. Just wondering if its possible to have LEFT handed word searches and animations for LEFT handed people... maureen
  8. until
    Sign language classes., including aids to lip reading, disability awareness..
  9. until
    Sign language class . 1pm to 3pm.. The Salvation Army community centre . Shakespeare Street. Southport. Closed for August and December.
  10. HI .. All. Im Maureen.. Ive joined this website because this on line course is amazing and encourages people to learn. Courses are now rare to find and are so expensive it puts people off learning.. This course is amazingly reasonably priced and has unlimited access for a year.. Its AMAZING . Congratulations and Well done to all the creators. Please send your web link to my website and facebook pages. My story in brief: I had wanted to learn to sign since I was a child of about 10 , (im 73 now) when I heard the story of Helen Keller and her
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