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  1. 'Sign how [fingerspell word]' with quizzical/questioning facial expression. Sign (as in sign language not a poster/sign or to sign, there are a few meanings on this page) https://www.signbsl.com/sign/sign How? https://www.signbsl.com/sign/how Hope this helps
  2. Cassie

    I'm New.

    Hi Amy, welcome to the forum
  3. Cassie


    Hi Joanne, Yes it will, focus on technique and accuracy and speed will naturally come with time
  4. Cassie

    Signs on T-shirt

    You're right, I somehow got confused with which fingers were up. I think the final sign is actually ASL for the number 9.
  5. Cassie

    Sign for “Milan”

    I don't think there is one, there usually aren't signs for specific places. Here in the UK place name signs tend to be regional - so the people who live there might have a sign, but people that live in other parts of the country may not know or use it and just fingerspell the place name instead. I think you would just fingerspell M-I-L-A-N and/or sign 'Italy.
  6. Cassie

    Signs on T-shirt

    Looks like ASL, the last sign looks like the letter 'd' but not sure about the other two signs. Do you have any context for the t-shirt?
  7. I would sign tree and then describe a willow tree, then maybe fingerspell willow + sign tree to make it clear. Alternatively, You could just fingerspell willow + sign tree but using signs to describe how it looks would give a clearer and more BSL explanation, depends on the context/how you want to put it across though.
  8. You may want to look in 'Makaton' which is a simpler version of sign langauge and usually used with babies/special needs individuals. There is a separate thread on this site for Makaton, but youtube is a good place to look for videos. I believe some Makaton courses may also be cheaper and shorter than BSL courses which can be a little pricey sometimes. The Makaton Charity https://www.makaton.org has info about courses and some resources too. Hope this helps
  9. Cassie

    Sign for Bath (City)

    Usually you would just fingerspell. Sometimes areas (i.e. the south west, or, places clise to Bath) might have an actual sign, but this is likely to be regional and not always known by everyone in other parts of the country.
  10. Cassie

    Hello :-)

    Hi Melanie, Usually children with PMLD or other learning disabilities use a simpler form of signing called Makaton to communicate (if they use signing). This is usually used with small children and those with LD. https://www.makaton.org has a lot of information as well as info on how to learn. Although some signs are similar to BSL, Makaton uses English (grammar) structure and signs can be different. Hope this helps
  11. Cassie

    What does this sign mean?

    It is a multi-channel sign meaning 'give it a go'
  12. Cassie

    Sentence structure in BSL

    The first I agree with the post above. Something like:Two weeks ago weather what, snow. The second sentence I would swap to activity me (from I activity). I can't decide if I would also have something like: Activity me, what, weight training, every week, when, mon, we'd, fri As the other post says I would change to something like: Before/In the past, work, University lecturer, teach what, sound engineering, now Mum, two children. I'd possibly add in 'no work' or 'work, now, nothing' at the end, depending on the context. Hope this helps a little
  13. Does anyone know the sign for therapist? As in: occupational, physio, speech & language therapist...though if anyone knows one for counselling too I have never been able to find either?