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  1. Hi All, recently started learning BSL as my mother-in-law decided she wanted to learn it as she’s been losing her hearing for years. Hoping this forum can help me get better at it.
  2. My name is Katie and I have just completed the BSL introductory course. I have done this course as part of my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, which I am hoping will help me regarding employment and with my general skills in the future.
  3. Does anyone actually use this website to communicate with each other? Every time I am on a rarely see others post or commune with each other or occupy the video chat rooms. Currently I have hit a wall in my lessons and would like to actually try to practice beginner sign language with another user. I have learned the majority of the signs from the now completed course, give or take a few. And would like to practice full conversation with other individuals (questions, day to day talk, how to correctly sign this particular sentence, etc). Thanks for taking the time to read this. And please reach out if interested.
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Leah. I am 23 years old and I'm a complete beginner to BSL. I am a primary school teacher and despite having no children in my school who currently use sign language I've always been super keen to learn it. Due to having a lot of time now with the current situation, I thought it is a great opportunity for me to learn and give me something to do while being stuck in a small room on my own for who knows how long. It would be great to find some people to practise with to check I'm doing the right thing etc.
  5. Hi guys, I have recently started learning BSL - extremely beginner!! I am wondering when signing and talking at the same time do I say what I sign or say the sentence. For instance, when singing “name your what” do I say ‘name your what’ or ‘what’s your name’ Hopefully this makes sense!!
  6. I'm recording a video since this is a sign language forum lol, if anyone wants to make friends through sign I'm all for it as I don't actually know anyone who signs :) say hi!
  7. Hello, my name is Alice :) I am a first year sixth form student currently trying to figure out what to do my extended project on. Over the first lock-down I completed the British-sign.co.uk introductory course to BSL since learning a language, especially one that is fairly common but not as well known to hearing people, interest me as well as the fact that I think I would like to go into a healthcare profession so it would be a valuable skill and I really enjoyed the learning that I did. I'm writing this post to determine peoples opinions on whether it would be okay to do an artifact project on BSL (a physical thing/performance, likely a video) or whether I should just do a dissertation on it/something else. I question this because I am hearing and do not know anyone who uses BSL to communicate, obviously I would do my research like I would for any project, however this does mean that I want to gauge whether making a physical thing (likely a "teaching" tool) is okay when it would be something I learn/teach myself. Part of the extended project expectation is to learn/develop a skill which I believe I would be doing, it is just a case of whether people think it is okay to "teach" something that I would first have to learn/that I have no understanding of already. Apologies if this doesn't make any sense, I'm more than happy to reiterate for any details I may have missed or not communicated well enough. If the answer to this question is common knowledge sorry, I like to clarify things when I am unsure. Thank you already to anyone who has taken the time to read this.
  8. Hello, my name is Maggie I learnt to fingerspell years ago when myself and my sisters were young. A few years ago after starting to work in the Education sector I wanted to learn Makaton but the opportunity never arouse, however, now is the perfect time to learn BSL! I am enjoying the lessons but I am taking it slow and steady. How will I use what I learn in the future? At this moment I dont know but it is a skill that worth having.
  9. I am involved in the hospitality industry and on a number of occasions it would have been helpful to communicate with some of our guests using BSL. It is also a real challenge to learn and with the current lockdown I now have the time to do so!
  10. I'm Carlos, I'm currently studying business in Edinburgh. I think there are so many ways of communication like BSL and thanks to this course I will be able to communicate with BSL users. I'm really enjoying this course.
  11. Hi, my name is Julia. I'm a 43 year old 1:1 teaching assistant. I'm also a mum to 2 wonderful kids, 1 of which is diagnosed ASC and at a special school. About 3½ yrs ago I attended a signalong course to help my sons communication. I really enjoyed the course. I signed up for this during lockdown and thought it would be another great extension to my SEN story.
  12. Hi, my name is Katie. I'm 16 and have always been interested in languages, deciding to study two at GCSE and now with the spare time I wanted to learn BSL. In the future I would like to go into medicine and I like to volunteer in my spare time so I believe being able to sign is a good skill to have. I would love to hear from any other people of a similar age to me and just from anyone who would be willing to help me improve my confidence with signing as I think my reading and understanding is acceptable whereas my actual signing is quite poor.
  13. Hi! My name is Emily, I am 22 years old and have just started to learn the basics of British Sign Language. I have always wanted to learn but never found a course that I could use. Then yesterday I found British sign and became very excited. If this isn't a perfect time to learn a new language, when is?! I've always been interested in the language and I believe it is a language that should be taught in schools. I'm looking forward to developing my knowledge with this language.
  14. Hi! My name is Paige. I am dying to practice signing. Please reply if you would like to practice with me in the BSL Beginners chat room. Happy studying!
  15. Hi, I am learning Level 1 BSL in Bristol and would love a practice buddy. I am 18 and am learning through an evening course. I previously completed a 5 week introduction signing course. Thank you!
  16. Hello, My name is Karen and I am complete beginner to BSL. Having worked in office environments for 20 years, I decided to look for a complete career change and have decided to learn BSL as a step towards this goal. I am a language graduate so learning a new language is always something that appeals to me. I am currently learning via british-sign.co.uk and enjoying the experience so far. Like many people on here, I would love to practise when I am a little more proficient (location East Herts). Good luck to all us newbies to BSL! Karen
  17. Hi there, My name is Hannah Rose, I'm an actor living in London and I guess I'm using the lock down as a time to learn a skill I've always wanted to learn. I'm completely new to this, as I'm seeing a lot of people here are. There's not really a particular driving force in me wanting to learn, it is something I have always been intrigued by and thought was an important skill to have.
  18. Hi i'm Chloe, i am a complete beginner i just though it would be a good idea to learn BSL while i can't leave my house
  19. Hi, I am Vicki. I started learning BSL many years ago as part of my DUke of Edinburgh. I could sign basic phrases and finger spell but felt I wanted to recap the basics as not had to use this skill in years as well as learning new phrases and words. I am a primary school teacher and SENCO and have had children in my class with hearing needs. With time on my hands now I thought I would take the time to develop a new skill. Happy to practice on people. I am not very fluent and failry slow - please be patient!
  20. Hi, My name is David, I'm 31 yrs old and an Actor. Growing up i had quite a lot of contact with BSL as my sister is deaf in one ear. She started to learn BSL along with my mum because the fear was that she would lose hearing in the other ear. I picked up bits and pieces from them and learnt some makaton when I worked at a school at a young age. I've started to learn properly online as i wanted to gain the skill and understand more about BSL in general. I'm excited to learn more.
  21. Hi everyone, My name is Louisa, I am 33 years old and have just started learning BSL having been inspired taking Baby Sign classes with my now 10 month old. I work as a spoken voice coach and feel it would be a fascinating area to explore with the deaf/hearing impaired community. I also think the language is fascinating and I've loved learning even basic things to use through baby sign so wanted to learn lots more. Will be really up for finding others at a similar stage with the training to practice with! Louisa
  22. Please mail me on [email protected] and we can arrange a time. I am doing the level 1 course. thanks karen
  23. Hello my name is chandelle and I'm new to bsl. In about a week and a half I have my English presentation about a book that's mainly about bsl so I thought it would be nice to introduce myself in bsl but I need a little bit help with it. The sentence that I want to translate to bsl is: Hello my name is chandelle and my presentation is about the book a quiet kind of thunder. Could someone please help me translate this to bsl because it's a little bit confusing as a beginner. In advance I would like to thank the person who would be so nice to help me.
  24. Tutor Doctor are looking for someone who can teach basic sign language in North Leeds. We have received an application asking for an introductory course to BSL. The student is looking for in home tutoring because the available classes in Leeds do not fit her schedule. Tutor Doctor provide bespoke courses, tailor made to the needs of a learner. If you think you have the skills and know you can share them effectively then please call 07543829681 and we can discuss. Alternatively if you wish to email them my address is [email protected] Thanks
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