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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, My name is Leah. I am 23 years old and I'm a complete beginner to BSL. I am a primary school teacher and despite having no children in my school who currently use sign language I've always been super keen to learn it. Due to having a lot of time now with the current situation, I thought it is a great opportunity for me to learn and give me something to do while being stuck in a small room on my own for who knows how long. It would be great to find some people to practise with to check I'm doing the right thing etc.
  2. I'm looking for members who work in a school - I'm keen to speak to people who have worked in education and who have had to work with Deaf/deaf students. I began my second teaching assistant role in April, during lockdown, and am learning BSL online for a deaf student I have been paired with, to support her in her home learning. I feel I am picking up signs fairly fast, and I think this is down to the fact that I have a real interest in learning BSL as a skill, and have done for years, but was too afraid to take the plunge and dip my toes in to a course. Now that I have a reason to do it - I love learning BSL and find it such a fascinating language. I would love to talk to some teachers or teaching assistants about any experience they have had with deaf students before or currently 🙂 please do get in touch! 💖
  3. Hello I am a NQT Primary school teacher, I have wanted to learn BSL for a long time but have only learned finger spelling and basic greetings, please and thank you. I thought now was a perfect time to develop my BSL knowledge.
  4. Hi everyone I started learning to finger spell with my year 3 class before schools shut. We were going to do a song for Mother’s Day but shut before we could.😢 I signed up to this course so that I can learn to sign and share it through videos with my class as part of their home learning.
  5. Hello, I'm learning BSL because I'm working with some Deaf children teaching them music. We have a BSL interpreter helping at the moment but she's not always to make the sessions. Although I feel I have a good relationship with the children and can communicate with them to some extent, I think it will be much better if I can sign to them personally.
  6. Hi, I am Vicki. I started learning BSL many years ago as part of my DUke of Edinburgh. I could sign basic phrases and finger spell but felt I wanted to recap the basics as not had to use this skill in years as well as learning new phrases and words. I am a primary school teacher and SENCO and have had children in my class with hearing needs. With time on my hands now I thought I would take the time to develop a new skill. Happy to practice on people. I am not very fluent and failry slow - please be patient!
  7. Hello all. I have used BSL off and on over many years and am really only a beginner. However, I really want to commit to learning BSL and am keen to practise with someone. I am a qualified teacher (senior leader) and have used Makaton/SSE before but wish to move to a school with high number of D/deaf children. I am happy for anyone to contact me who wants to practise or who has any advice for me. Thanks, Rob W.
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