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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone I am shannen I am 24 years old I am Irish but I am living in scotland , I have been learning BSL for a little bit now I am a support worker for people with disabilities I have worked in summer camps in America where I first started to see people use ASL I have recently set up my You tube and Instagram page : signalongwithshannen I sign along to pop songs at the moment I am in the care sector and someone i look after uses bits of BSL but I have always had an interest for learning how to sign so that it can be used day to day what I am learning throughout the course I am teaching and helping the people i support and also the staff that I work with .
  2. Hi, my name is Mae and ive been teaching myself sign for three years, from picking it up from people I know and also videos that I have made sure are able to teach me these things. I haven't quite learned the grammar of BSL but im hoping to get the hang of it and wanting to make sure I definetally have the details down
  3. Hi! My name is Laura-Kate and I've just started the BSL course. I had tried to start it a couple of months ago but my health got in the way. I am going to set myself a little task each week of completing a unit a week and trying to get onto the fingerspelling leaderboard! I'm really looking forward to teaching myself sign language as I have always wanted to do it for years!
  4. Hi my name is Eve I'm learning BSL because I work in the Education team at a science centre and want to make it as accessible as possible. I'm doing it now because being furloughed has given me a lot more free time to dedicate to it!
  5. Hi my name is Poppy, my mum is a special needs teaching assistant so basic sign language has always been ingrained in our daily life, (e.g please and thank you) however I wanted to learn more as in the future I want to also work with special needs children so I believe this course would be helpful for my development in communication with children who are deaf or those who struggle with verbal language.
  6. Hi, my name is Katie. I'm 16 and have always been interested in languages, deciding to study two at GCSE and now with the spare time I wanted to learn BSL. In the future I would like to go into medicine and I like to volunteer in my spare time so I believe being able to sign is a good skill to have. I would love to hear from any other people of a similar age to me and just from anyone who would be willing to help me improve my confidence with signing as I think my reading and understanding is acceptable whereas my actual signing is quite poor.
  7. Hi I'm a teaching assistant working in a pupil referral unit. I haven't really worked with anyone that is hard of hearing but have always found sign language interesting. I've been wanting to learn for sometime now but time has alluded me. With the lock down still in progress and having done a majority of work from home I have found time to do this course and so far am enjoying it. I look forward to chatting with you all again. Sham
  8. Hi everyone I started learning to finger spell with my year 3 class before schools shut. We were going to do a song for Motherā€™s Day but shut before we could.šŸ˜¢ I signed up to this course so that I can learn to sign and share it through videos with my class as part of their home learning.
  9. Hi my name is Lexi, I've had an interest in sign language for a while but what really drove me to learn it was becoming a mum, I'm currently studying Introduction to British Sign Language online in hopes that I'll be able to learn to communicate with my baby as well as teaching him to sign too. I'm really enjoying my course at the moment and can't wait to learn more!
  10. Hello! I'm new here, I'm a student and 16, and really interested in learning! Any tips would be helpful, and here's hoping I can remember something for once!
  11. Hi, my name is Tanya and I am only 12 years old! BSL is technically my first language (as both my parents are deaf) yet I 1) Haven't had time to learn as I have just started secondary school 2) I'm meant to use sign language with family but I don't because my dad wears hearing aids and my mum can lip-read I am hoping to learn as much sign language as I can over the next few years... wish me luck!
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