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  1. I am currently learning Numbers on my BSL course and wondered if there are any maths worksheets out there? Also a tip for when your learning letters, write the vowels on your hand
  2. Those are great ideas, I'm going to write some up later and get my partner to pick some 😊 thanks for the advice x
  3. I am currently learning fingerspelling, I've gotten the hang of the alphabet and can spell quite a few words but I want to test myself before doing my first assessment on my course. Can anyone give me some random words to use for a spelling test and I'll also make a wordsearch for them and post it to here 😊
  4. I'm learning British Sign Language so that I can communicate in some way with my son who's a baby, I hope to learn the language myself and teach him how to sign. I also hope that in the future I can incorporate sign language into a career, maybe a nursery teacher
  5. Hi my name is Lexi, I've had an interest in sign language for a while but what really drove me to learn it was becoming a mum, I'm currently studying Introduction to British Sign Language online in hopes that I'll be able to learn to communicate with my baby as well as teaching him to sign too. I'm really enjoying my course at the moment and can't wait to learn more!
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