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  1. Hello! My name is Alex! I'm a 29-year-old man who was born with multiple disabilities. I'm autistic with learning difficulties and hearing impairments. I have worked in a supermarket for seven years, currently taking driving lessons, reading books, drawing, playing Pokemon Trading Card Game, exercising at the gym, watching YouTube videos, loving cartoons, finding morbid topics interesting, and working on beating my depression and insomnia. My reasons for learning BSL are because I need to find a new activity to focus on, and to reach out to the Deaf community to make new friends. I'm not someone who goes out and hangs out with people, but I need to change that to decrease my loneliness.
  2. Hello, my name is Charlotte I'm currently learning BSL through an online course. I find BSL to be interesting and I want to be able to communicate with other people effectively even if they can't hear me. It is a good way to get talking ad sharing opinions with even more people than I would be able to if I wasn't learning BSL. I'm not very far into learning and am only at the point of asking basic questions and giving answers to them.
  3. Hi, my name is Ivy! I am learning British Sign Language as part of my silver Duke Of Edinburgh award, as well as to better communicate with those with hearing or speech impairments that mean they communicate with sign language. This course is really helpful for that as it provides all the information in an organised and informative way.
  4. Hello all, I have worked in education for around 10 years or more. In particular as an IT techncian/senior technician. Part of my time included two SEN schools. During the lock down I had worked hard to support the children of my school. This presented challenges in terms of supporting children whom couldn't speak. So i took it upon myself to learn BSL i have barely mastered the alphabet and i know a few basic greetings. I hope to learn BSL to help deaf children and maybe make friends. Thank you for you time!
  5. I'm in a long-distance relationship with a British deaf person. They have hearing aids, but I don't want the expectation to be that they'd always have to wear them for us to communicate. I want to be able to surprise them on our first face-to-face meeting by knowing some sign language, and I aim to become fluent eventually. It would also be a great help to have the ability to communicate with them when I'm non-verbal and overwhelmed.
  6. Hi there! My name is Safe & I'm learning BSL primarily to help support my low & nonverbal days, but also because it's good to learn new things anyways
  7. 39Nova


    I go by Nova (He) and I've been learning BSL for about 6 months maybe? I also know some ASL and I used to be better at ASL but now I default to BSL. I've been trying to find a site like this for AGES to chat with other learners/users of BSL. SEE is obviously easier naturally but I'm trying to get better at BSL Syntax! I'm 18 and from Scotland
  8. Hello How are you? I am good! My name is Lee-Ann I am 29 years old I live in England, London I work as a Teaching Assistant Thank you Bye
  9. Hello my name is Charlie. I am learning BSL to me more inclusive when I meet people, and to sign to a Deaf dustbin driver at my work. I am interested in video games and Chess, and enjoy learning a lot, so I decided to learn a language that I've always been interested in. I am looking forward to hearing from the community, and finding out whether there is a Deaf community in South London. Thank you all!
  10. Hi, my name is Leia. I am a primary school teacher who has always wanted to learn sign language, not just so I am able to communicate and teach children who have hearing difficulties, but also to be able to teach hearing children how to be inclusive. I feel like basic sign language is something all children should learn. I have learnt the basics before whilst at university, but wanted a more in-depth knowledge/ refresher. Everyday, when I take the register (morning and afternoon) I sign good morning and good afternoon to the children who answer the register by signing (and saying) this back to me. I have 1 student who has taken a particular interest in sign language and has asked me to show her more. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this will take me.
  11. Hello, my name is Emma. I'm working through the british-sign.co.uk course "Intro to BSL", and supporting colleagues at work to do the same. I've done something similar several times before, so I'm hoping this time my brain catches on this is something I'd like it to remember. I first met BSL as a child, through friends who are deaf, and completed Level 1 and 2 courses as a teenager in Northern Ireland. However, I'm not a natural at learning languages and years of not using it enough make it hard to recall. But practice makes good, right?!
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Lucy, I'm 17 and I'm hearing. I started the british-sign.co.uk course during quarantine, as it was reduced in price so I had the chance to get it! Part of the course is to introduce yourself on this forum but honestly this place looks really lovely so I'll likely hang around some more and meet some of you. Once I've finished the course to gain some vocabulary, I'll be looking for some conversation partners around my age so I can get used to talking to another person. I'm really looking forward to being able to converse in this awesome language, but for now here's a clip of me showing off what little I know for now! I tried to mouth the English as I signed, but it's quite hard to say one thing and sign another. Much respect to interpreters! Any feedback would be welcome - I've never signed to another person before.
  13. πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hello I've just started learning BSL, I've always thought that BSL should have been an option when learning languages at school. I don't have anyone in my immediate circle who uses BSL but I have always wanted to learn. I'm part of an additional needs parenting group and a few of their children use sign language, because they're either deaf or struggle to communiate verbally. I am currently not working so thought now the kids are back to school I'd make the most of my time and learn a new language. Katie x
  14. Hi, My name is Rachel and I am learning BSL with british-sign.co.uk I am able to hear and have hearing impaired family members. Although none of them use signing to communicate, they rely on hearing aids and lip reading. I would greatly appreciate any assistance whilst I am learning to sign to ensure I am communicating clearly and can't wait to have a conversation with you. I have always wanted to learn BSL and am here to make friends. Please excuse me in my pyjamas for my introductory video! I'm looking forward to meeting you.
  15. I have been meaning to learn BSL for some time. I love collecting and learning languages and my interest in BSL stems from there. At the same time I work in education and I am trying to broaden my experience and knowledge to enrich my own work. It would be great to meet some other people at a similar stage to me and maybe practise some time!
  16. Hi my name is Sam and I am a Teaching Assistant in a local Primary SChool. I am currently at home working and thought I'd put the time to good use and learn BSL. Ive always been fascinated with sign language and there is no better time or opportunity to learn. I am hopeful of sharing this new language with friends, family and students in the future. Lovely to meet you all and share in this new found learning
  17. Hi! My name is Laura-Kate and I've just started the BSL course. I had tried to start it a couple of months ago but my health got in the way. I am going to set myself a little task each week of completing a unit a week and trying to get onto the fingerspelling leaderboard! I'm really looking forward to teaching myself sign language as I have always wanted to do it for years!
  18. Hi there everyone I was doing the BSL online course and was directed here. I thought I'd swing by the forum I work as a science teacher and I took part in a webinar for helping low ability learners access content we teach. One of the things that got me was some students simply don't know what some words mean and can't spell them. I took it upon myself to try and learn completely new form of language (I know bits and bobs on European languages) to put myself in the position of non-English speakers, low ability and dyslexic students, to go through what they experience I am really enjoying learning this and might incorporate it for learners that have selective muteness If anyone has other resources that have helped you learn BSL, then I would be grateful if you could share those with me Thanks for taking the time to read this James
  19. Hi! My name is George and I've been interested in learning sign language for quite some time but I could never find great sources that taught me everything in the same place so I only learned little bits here and there I'm really looking forward to continuing to learn!
  20. Hello everyone! Im PD, joining in this excellent looking site and forum. I’ve read a few intros from others and feel a little churlish doing one myself! I’m just someone who has always wanted to learn BSL but never taken that first step. So, with a little encouragement from my friend @Jeetus Maximus Sohpal here I am! I’ve never been great at languages, but BSL is something I’d like to learn so that maybe one day I could be of some help to someone from the Deaf or deaf community. I think it will be a LONG road for me😁, but I look forward to making some new friends here and in the real world! Cheers! P.
  21. Hello! My name is Alice, I live in Coventry and I'm 25 years old.
  22. Hi! I'm Gina and I live in Scotland. At work I have encountered some Deaf people and I have felt bad for not being able to communicate with them in their language so I finally took the decision of learning it. I find the course very interesting and I really enjoy it!
  23. Hey Folx! My name's Blake, He/Him, and I've just started properly learning BSL. I've known odd bits and pieces for a long time like finger spelling, basic introductions and random words since I'm an early years educator and have picked up pieces from children and parents. I've been looking for a local course to participate with for a while, but I have anxiety and a limited budget, so i'm now learning online and it seems to be going really well so far. I'm currently a Primary Teaching student; i'm hoping to learn in order to help the children/parents/carers I interact with as well as the D/deaf community (and myself whenever that anxiety hits).
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