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  1. Hey another school worker! Pretty much similar to your scenario. I had some CPD and thought this would be a great time to learn a new skill and see how some students feel in class I might try to incorporate BSL in SEN department as well
  2. I'm taking my time and I'm 3 lessons in to the online course Really enjoying it
  3. Hi there everyone I was doing the BSL online course and was directed here. I thought I'd swing by the forum I work as a science teacher and I took part in a webinar for helping low ability learners access content we teach. One of the things that got me was some students simply don't know what some words mean and can't spell them. I took it upon myself to try and learn completely new form of language (I know bits and bobs on European languages) to put myself in the position of non-English speakers, low ability and dyslexic students, to go through what they experience I am really enjoying learning this and might incorporate it for learners that have selective muteness If anyone has other resources that have helped you learn BSL, then I would be grateful if you could share those with me Thanks for taking the time to read this James
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