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  1. Sorry I was out all Saturday last week and out this afternoon too, but NEXT Saturday going to be in and joining the chat (or watching in awe of some of you folks and humbled by my fingerspelling 😔🤣)! Hope you’re all keeping well despite the pandemic, and current heatwave (which I’m loving!).
  2. Thanks for having me in there too folks, really nice to ‘meet’ you and have my first interaction using BSL! That was really great! Thanks very much! Same time next week?
  3. Thanks folks! Looking forwards to saying hello shortly! Hello might literally be all I say - im a super- noob, but itll be good to see you! 👍🙌
  4. Hello everyone! Im PD, joining in this excellent looking site and forum. I’ve read a few intros from others and feel a little churlish doing one myself! I’m just someone who has always wanted to learn BSL but never taken that first step. So, with a little encouragement from my friend @Jeetus Maximus Sohpal here I am! I’ve never been great at languages, but BSL is something I’d like to learn so that maybe one day I could be of some help to someone from the Deaf or deaf community. I think it will be a LONG road for me😁, but I look forward to making some new friends here and in the real world! Cheers! P.
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