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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! my name is Jodie but I mostly go by Joey to friends, currently living in (sometimes) sunny South Shields. I work as a Bartender in a busy pub and love talking to and meeting new people. I believe everyone has a right to communication and relationships without any barriors.
  2. Hello! My name is Sarah, i am 20 years old and i have started studying British Sign Language. I have always been eager to learn BSL, but never had the option to at school. It has always annoyed me how i could learn French and never meet a French person in my whole life to use what i've learnt, but anyone i meet, already know, or love can be or become deaf at any moment. And the thought of not being able to communicate with them feels so rude and dehumanising. A big wake up call for me was when i was working as a Sales Assistant last year and two Deaf ladies came in and no one in the store coul
  3. Hi, my name's Carly and I'm just introducing myself on here. New to BSL, enjoying learning the structure of sign languages at the minute. I'm still very much in the basics but so far so good πŸ‘ x
  4. Pete


    Hi Just saying hello to you all. This is something I have always wanted to learn but could never find the time. πŸ˜† Couldn't believe it when I found this site. πŸ˜† Never know what to write about myself, If you would like to know anything about me please ask.
  5. Hello! My name is Amy and I live in the North West. I have always wanted to learn sign language (sounds so clichΓ©, but true) from a young age. I actually learnt how to fingerspell the alphabet in primary school and I have never forgotten it. I've said to myself for ages that I must try and find a course and also enquired in work (I'm a receptionist in a GP Surgery) but unfortunately due to lockdown that has all been put on hold. So I thought I would try and find a course in the meantime that I could do that would give me a good head start and foundation if work do find me a course to go o
  6. Hi everyone , My Names Vinnie 34 male from Dublin Ireland but living and working in the Uk for over 11 Years now. I'm learning BSL during lock down as I've loads of time to spare and i cant get enough of it. I already speak French and I was looking to add another language to my pile. I chose BSL for a number of reasons, I did know a bit of ISL (Irish sign language) but had no needs for it being in the UK, as I now class the UK as my home so it's BSL time. I work in Airline industry and I've had a number of encounters with deaf people which kinda embarrassed me for not knowing how to at l
  7. Hi all, My name is Ilona and I am a trainee teacher trying to learn a new skill whilst in quarantine. Hope you are all well! Thanks, Ilona
  8. Hi my name is Ariane I am new to BSL. I live in Manchester I work in a nusery. I wanted to learn BSL for some time. So I can communicate with others and use sign with children to help and support them. Also I find it fascinating the way BSL is used. I look forward where this journey will take me and using BSL in my daily life when I am more confident
  9. Hello I'm Alex, I'm 36, military and I'm studying the introduction to sign language, level 1. My motivation is to make myself as useful to society as can be. I've had deaf friends and it has been difficult communicating. This has been mostly in the fitness community, and I've noticed that even explaining a session via text is difficult. This is my motivation, make life easier and more accessible to more people. I'm heavily into my fitness and indeed my regiment prides ourselves on our abilities so once the Vovid19 craziness is over, feel free to tap me up for a challenge or a br
  10. Hello! I'm new here, I'm a student and 16, and really interested in learning! Any tips would be helpful, and here's hoping I can remember something for once!
  11. Hi, I works as a specialist Notetaker and I am now learning BSL. I am from Derby, if anyone would like to meet up to practice?
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