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  1. Thanks for doing this i enjoyed it . Mother is called Sally 1 Brother no sisters Brother called Martin You are Married Husband called James he is tall has blue eyes and a beard. M xx
  2. Yeah that would be perfect. Look forward to the practice. Mx
  3. Brilliant, what time is good for you i usually have a go after lunch but can make myself available any time, I am not exactly going anywhere lol. m x
  4. Hi, I am up to level 4 working through the animals, but would really love to practice the other 3 levels I ve worked through to keep embedding them. let me know if you are free and up for some practice. M x
  5. When I was in Secondary school a friend of mine (hearing) taught me how to finger spell, we of course used this to chat while the teacher was without getting noticed. I have always wanted to continue developing my sign language learning, and recently qualified as a teacher. Now seems as good a time as any to take advantage of the time I have to begin the journey properly. I could write all about the inequality the deaf community experiences and the need to make BSL part of the National curriculum which are both true. But I know very little about the deaf community and to advocate on their part at this time would feel pompous and uneducated on my part. Ultimately I want to learn more about the language and the community because I love to learn, and knowing I can meet, communicate and make friends with new people on a level they might find more comfortable makes me happy. So I am learning for the love of learning and developing and getting to know others.
  6. Hello I am a NQT Primary school teacher, I have wanted to learn BSL for a long time but have only learned finger spelling and basic greetings, please and thank you. I thought now was a perfect time to develop my BSL knowledge.
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