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  1. Heya! I've always wanted to learn and learnt the alphabet at quite a young age but was never able to go much further than that. At 17/18 I started working with children with additional needs, I attempted to develop some more knowledge but could not afford the costs of the courses. At 20, I started training to become a radiographer. This required me to have a placement in a hospital and meant that I came across people who were hard of hearing quite a lot. I started teaching myself the basics on YouTube but didn't get very far. Now, at 22 I have an interview today for a job in a hospital for males who have neurological conditions, brain injuries and deaf mental health. This gave me a kick up the butt to find a course online, see if I can find any cheap ones. Especially with what is going on in the world now, is there ever a better time to learn a new language? Might as well use my time wisely. So I have started learning on British Sign and luckily have been able to do it for £3 (Poor student). I have never been so excited to count to 100 in a language! Honestly I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn British sign langauge, and hope to continue learning!
  2. Hi! My name is Emily, I am 22 years old and have just started to learn the basics of British Sign Language. I have always wanted to learn but never found a course that I could use. Then yesterday I found British sign and became very excited. If this isn't a perfect time to learn a new language, when is?! I've always been interested in the language and I believe it is a language that should be taught in schools. I'm looking forward to developing my knowledge with this language.
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