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  1. i have passed level one now.. if anyone is interested in some practice
  2. Would anyone like to practice on face time ? It’s just that the chat room does not work on an I pad which is rather annoying
  3. I am doing level 1 on line and could do with some practice. Please e mail me at [email protected] and we can arrange to meet in the video room. th thanks
  4. Please mail me on [email protected] and we can arrange a time. I am doing the level 1 course. thanks karen
  5. Do you still need a practice buddy?
  6. is there anyone who would like to do some practice with me via the chat rooms.?? I have logged onto the beginner rooms but no one else is there?? if you would also like to practice please do e mail me on [email protected] to arrange a time. i am doing level 1 on line and know i need to start to do some practice. thanks
  7. Hi I am Karen and I have begun to learn sign language as I have a PAT (Pets as Therapy Dog] whom I currently take into Care Homes. I would like to be able to possibly visit deaf schools, or deaf people with her, so thought it would be helpful to learn BSL. I have not started to practice signing with other people and know that this is the next step, despite being rather nervous about. Am worried everyone will go to fast ! Look forward to practicing with some of you maybe. thanks for reading . karen
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