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  1. Okay cool! Discord is like an app that is really good for "group chats". You can use it on a computer too. I will message you the invite link to the server (think of a server like a group chat) I have made. It will guide you to make a discord account and then join you into the server! Slow is okay
  2. Hi both! I hope you guys get this notification 🙂 I also live on the island and am learning - maybe we could make a group chat? I use discord and it is good for typing and video calls. Let me know! (I'm 19)
  3. For any sign in BSL, this website will help you a great deal: https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/search/?query=drum If you can't find something on there, then: https://www.signbsl.com/sign/drum
  4. Hey Marla, My favourite sign is TRUST/SURE/TRUE: https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/true-1.html If your are starting to learn and are intrigued by the BSL world, then I thoroughly recommend using these sites for finding signs: Primary - https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/ Secondary - https://www.signbsl.com/ And also watching shows on BSL Zone! It's an incredible site where you can watch a whole host of shows that are all in BSL. - https://www.bslzone.co.uk/watch/ Lucy
  5. That's awesome, thank you! So then, if you signed MUST while shaking your head and using negative expression, would that mean "not allowed to" or "don't have to"? Thanks! Lucy
  6. Thank you Vikki, that is very helpful! Lucy
  7. English: Mickey, you must = You have to // It is obligatory // There is no choiceMickey, you must not = You are not allowed to // It is against the rulesGerman:River, you must (Du musst) = You have to // It is obligatory // There is no choiceRiver, you must not (Du musst nicht) = You don't have to // It is not obligatory // There is a choiceWhich is it in BSL, like English or German? Or maybe neither?
  8. In English, one of the ways to ask a question is to invert the subject and the verb. For example: statement = "You can help me Nardole." >> question "Can you help me Nardole?".In BSL, is the structure:a) CAN YOU HELP ME ?b) YOU CAN HELP ME ?c) YOU HELP ME ?d) Something else?
  9. Hey Charlotte, I am also learning BSL so if anyone can correct this then please do! I can't seem to find an answer for BSL, but there is a video on it for ASL: The conclusion is that no, "mr, miss, mrs or ms" are not used in sign. Lucy
  10. I am also learning BSL, so anyone please correct me if this is incorrect! English = "What is the sign for 'tea'?" / BSL = T-E-A SIGN WHAT [question face] T-E-A: SIGN: 3RD TAB: https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/sign-3.html WHAT: https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/what-1.html
  11. Hey Isaac! I am also learning BSL, so if anyone wants to correct this then please do! Don't English = I don't like tea / BSL = I [shakes head and negative expression while signing "like"] LIKE TEA Want / Need (same sign, you can tell the difference by lipreading what is said simultaneously) https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/want-1.html Need can also be replaced by must sometimes: https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/must-1.html Or https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/or-1.html She / He https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/it-1.html Always https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/words/always-1.html Timelines As you seem to know, BSL tenses work by first placing what you are saying in a timeline, for example very recent past, last week, soon, later on, next year, in a second etc. Mnay of these can be found on the site I have been using so far: https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/ Or this one: https://www.signbsl.com/ Hope this helps! Lucy I also have a question, and maybe you know the answer to it?
  12. In English, there are three words that sound like "two: two, to, and too. Then the word "too" has two meanings: 1. As well - e.g. "I love Rose Tyler too", "I bring a banana to every party too" 2. Excessively - e.g. "The name Raxacoricofallapatorius is too long", "You blinked too slowly" It is very easy to find the sign for this first meaning of "too"! However, the only thing I can find for the second one is the sign for "too much" (like signing "day" but waggling your fingers). Can you help?
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