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  1. hello I'm doing the level 1 award in BSL studies online and I've got my mock Receptive skills assessment tomorrow. my question is what to expect? I've read through the paperwork and understand how the descriptive narrative assessment and conversational assessment will work (I think), but still unsure what to expect from the Receptive skills assessment as in how it works? well done completing your level 1 last year.
  2. i'm hearing but learning BSL. i take my son to a local junior parkrun on Sundays he loves it.
  3. well done Bec Meachin i'm also just starting out with my level 1 so it really helps to see others sign.
  4. I learnt that (salad) pepper sign on my skype tutorial today. The video hasn't been uploaded yet once it has I'll check and do the sign for it on here
  5. I'm from Kent and l also sign the first one the thumb tracing a cross on the back of your hand
  6. hello Rosered61 how did you get on with the 8 week course? I've not long started the level 1 bsl award online really enjoying it.
  7. Jessica-louise Parfitt I'm a single mum to two young children so classes aren't an option for me at the moment so I'm doing it online which fits around them perfectly as I chose the time and day but I do miss out on learning from others as I just watch a short video clip and then have a 10 min skype tutorial each week. I'd like to be able to practice with others. I'm coming up for the 3 assessments so defo need the practice!!!! well done completing your level 1 Lesley Silvester and good luck with your level 2.
  8. hello I'm Danielle I am currently learning bsl level 1 award online, I also need more practice.
  9. yes please, be interesting to see the difference with the Scottish BSL and practice what I have so far learnt. let me know when is best for you and we'll chat in the video chat room if that ok?
  10. no harm in gaining a new skill, win win if anything .
  11. hello, I might need your help at some point. I've just started the bsl level 1 award online
  12. how did you get on with the level 1 course? have you been able to put into practice what you've learnt?
  13. I've just signed up to do the BSL level 1 award online, I've no previous experience and just my two young children to practice on (who give me their baffled look at best of times :-/ ). Any advice that can help me with this new venture is most welcome.
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