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  1. My favourite signs so far are: 🐢TORTOISE - because it's so cute 🎭CINEMA, THEATRE - because it's a fun action to do 🍀IRELAND - because it reminds me of a tiny leprechaun dancing on my hand 😂
  2. A word search made with your generator thingy on this site... BSL Wordsearch.docx
  3. Hey, we're having some Deaf Society visitors to our farm on Saturday and would love to know the sign for ALPACA - or LLAMA as alpacas are quite specific! I've seen this pic on the internet but was unsure if this is ASL or accurate. We had a BSL interpreter who visited last year tell us the signs for PIG, GOAT, SHEEP, DUCK, CHICKEN but she had never signed an alpaca before! I'm so nervous to have a BSL conversation for the first time, but hopefully the sign CAKE along with some real cake should keep everything ticking over. 😉 Thanks 😊
  4. Hi Danielle, I'm not sure we're talking about the same course. Yours sounds a lot more in depth - and certainly impressive. My course was wholly online, where you watch a film of a sign and then fill out the form with your answer. I should also add I have no qualifications, my health makes it hard for me to do tests/exams, so I learnt the content without ever applying for a certificate (which I hope to do later). I am very much a beginner - sorry I can't be more help! Wishing you the very best of luck, let me know how it goes!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for tips and ideas to do with kids, teens, and young adults. With my parents, we do guided visits to our farm in Orkney, Scotland, where you can meet and feed our alpacas, pigs, goats etc. We've invited a local Deaf's Children's Society group, who are coming next Saturday. They will have parents/carers and interpreters, but still I've been practicing my meager BSL skills like crazy, as I want to interact and engage with everyone. As well as seeing the animals, we're going to do activities over lunch, so we're looking for ideas. So far we've thought of a scavenger hunt, visual puzzles and brainteasers, and a more random idea is making shadow puppets with our hands with a a projector! We've got a badge maker and crafts lined up, too. Has anyone got any ideas of games/activities we could try - especially as a group? As you can tell, we're very excited and want to make the day as awesome as possible! Thanks, Ellen x PS: If anyone knows the sign for 'alpaca', that would be incredible!!
  6. Hello, Last year I enjoyed the online course for BSL and since have continued to be fascinated by this beautiful language. At the moment I'm watching Youtube videos of pop songs being signed, to increase my vocabulary - it's a lot of fun! I'm trying to learn "Can't Stop The Feeling" but it is very fast and I'm literally getting my fingers in a twist! I have disabilities myself, though none to do with hearing loss, and therefore understand somewhat of what it is to be one of the worlds minorities. (Though it is hard to compare this to the uniqueness of Deaf culture.) As well as enjoying signing, I want to learn about customs, correct phrases etc, so please correct me if I write anything wrong. Thanks, Ellen *waves*
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