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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, my online name is Jason and i do not feel comfortable in sharing my real name My fave animal is snakes, i like the colour Transparent, and i chose to learn bsl to talk to my freind in class and my friend’s mum who is deaf. i hope you enjoy this post, bye!
  2. Hello, I'm enjoying the BSL introduction course heaps. I wish more hearing people learned sign language so we could communicate more readily in different spaces using BSL (or another sign language). It'd be such a nudge to encouraging inclusivity of the Deaf community. I'm learning because I've always wanted to and stumbled across the free course online but see such potential in BSL for people like me who experience sensory overwhelm from sounds and people due to other invisible disabilities. Good luck everyone that's learning and hi to all.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for tips and ideas to do with kids, teens, and young adults. With my parents, we do guided visits to our farm in Orkney, Scotland, where you can meet and feed our alpacas, pigs, goats etc. We've invited a local Deaf's Children's Society group, who are coming next Saturday. They will have parents/carers and interpreters, but still I've been practicing my meager BSL skills like crazy, as I want to interact and engage with everyone. As well as seeing the animals, we're going to do activities over lunch, so we're looking for ideas. So far we've thought of a scavenger hunt, visual puzzles and brainteasers, and a more random idea is making shadow puppets with our hands with a a projector! We've got a badge maker and crafts lined up, too. Has anyone got any ideas of games/activities we could try - especially as a group? As you can tell, we're very excited and want to make the day as awesome as possible! Thanks, Ellen x PS: If anyone knows the sign for 'alpaca', that would be incredible!!
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