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  1. I am learning to sign, and I found the signs for Cardiff and Swansea but I live in between in Bridgend. Does Bridgend have it's own sign or to I fingerspell it? Thanks
  2. I am new to this page and BSL. I started an online course a while back but life interupted and I stopped studying. I am a teaching assitant and just recently finished my Level 2 course of that. After all the assignments and work I had to do for that I realised I enjoyed that. I didn't know what I could learn next when two days ago in the school I work we had visitors one of them was a pupil with her interpreteur. And that's when I remembered my online BSL course. I am originally from Germany and a distant cousin (possibly a third I find the system of cousins confusing ) is Deaf and speaks German Sign Language, but prefers when with hearing people to lip read. I was always facinated when I watched him sign with others but I never thought I might should learn it. It has been a while that I saw him, we email regular. I am thirty, have a dog and a cat and are friendly and open towards everyone. Hopefully once I can sign more again I hope I can find someone to have coffees and sign. I am in Bridgend, Wales and would love to meet new people.
  3. I have a distant cousin that is deaf and speaks sign language, I was always facinated by it but never thought of learning it but then he himself chose to rather lip read than sign with us. But I decided through my job and my constant hunger to learn new things I started an online course to get an idea and maybe turn this into more.

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