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  1. It isn't about how the letters appear in relation to the English alphabet - don't worry about trying to make it look the same as written letters too much - though they can be used to help remember the signs.
  2. That depends if you are left or right handed. The way I remember it is that the hand that does most of the movement is the right hand (I'm right handed). So, for example, the letter A my left hand stays fairly still but my right hand moves to point to the thumb on my left hand... I hope that makes sense!
  3. Hi. This confused me when I started too - but you soon get used to it! It's called regional variation. From what I understand, because BSL is used by a relatively small number of people it doesn't spread so much like verbal languages do - it has developed slightly differently in different areas (I suppose like spoken languages did before TV & radio) - it's a bit like having regional coloquialisms or dialect. Don't be put off by it - you quickly get used to it - but it does seem a bit daughnting to begin with!
  4. Hi Pam. I use this sign for charity. I haven't seen any others but the might be a different variation used in your area?
  5. I also use the 1st one. I Haven't seen the others before. Im from Manchester.
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