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  1. Funds are hard, but if you really want to progress, I believe it's the only way. You are investing in yourself and may wish to take things further in the future. I'm currently on level 2. Yes, it's tough raising the money, but I believe in the long term, worth it. When you get to level 2, you then really need to go to deaf clubs...it's a large jump in knowledge from level 1 to 2. Online is cheaper, but working with other people including deaf people starting BSL, is the best way to improve...and you meet many lovely people to work with to help you improve. Hope some of this helps. Is there a deaf School nearby running a course?

  2. Hi everyone, I am a total newbie to learning BSL. I attended a Deaf Awareness short course many years ago as I have always been interested in learning BSL. Finding local courses has been a challenge and I was booked to attend a course in Bath - it was postponed twice due to low numbers, then when it did finally run, I wasn't working and so couldn't put the funds aside (it costs around £300 for Level 1). it's a shame as I felt I would benefit from attending an actual course where I could interact with others learning at the same pace as me. I finally decided that I needed to take a better look at what was available online, so that I could at least make a start on learning. I liked the idea of Skype Tutorials which one of the other sites offer, but again their courses are very expensive. If anyone is a total newbie like me and would like a practice buddy, then give me a shout :o) Lexy
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