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  1. Funds are hard, but if you really want to progress, I believe it's the only way. You are investing in yourself and may wish to take things further in the future. I'm currently on level 2. Yes, it's tough raising the money, but I believe in the long term, worth it. When you get to level 2, you then really need to go to deaf clubs...it's a large jump in knowledge from level 1 to 2. Online is cheaper, but working with other people including deaf people starting BSL, is the best way to improve...and you meet many lovely people to work with to help you improve. Hope some of this helps. Is there a deaf School nearby running a course?

  2. Stuart

    BSL Games

    Did you try any of these games?
  3. Stuart

    BSL Games

    Hi, it's prob too late now, a few games we have played. 1, RABBIT. One person in a circle points to another, that person has to immediately adopt a bunny pose, with fingers (Dog Sign) pointing down infront of them. Person on their right has to add ears as 2 fingers up and person on their left, has to add the other ear to create the bunny. After a few practice rounds, you start eliminating people for being too slow. Another is Fruit Salad. Seated like in Musical Chairs, pick 3 fruits such as apple, orange and pineapple and go around the circle 1,2,3, apple orange pineapple, till everyone is a fruit, including the teacher who is standing in a gap which is part of the circle. Teacher calls out a fruit, and those students switch places, the teacher aims to get into one of those seats, which means someone is left standing. That person now picks a fruit and game continues. Fast paced and fun. Then add 1 other element. When the person standing signs Fruit Salad, everyone has to switch places, which will still leave someone standing. Naturally all Fruits are signed, so watching and concentrating are key. Enjoy
  4. Hi Lyd, I'm in the same situation, looking to get more involved. Passed Level 1, on level 2. Happy for any BSL interaction. What area are you and where do you study? Have you started going to any deaf clubs, because that is something I need to get involved with now. Hope you had a good xmas, Stuart
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