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  1. wayne ollis? comes up. confused with not finding Lisaboo?
  2. No . do you want email or what? skype is just Lydia Harris. what is your exact name on skype. I usually chat to daughters on facebook messenger this is new to me
  3. I have pressed call twice am i getting right person ?
  4. sorry got this this forum on laptop and you on phone that says can call you where do i accept??
  5. thanks pressing buttons sorry if i called too early
  6. Lydia harris. what else do you need? i looked at various Lisaboo all round the world
  7. Please can you add me i am clueless how to add people!
  8. 5.20 today just looked at your message!! ok . on laptop now camera not working will try skype on phone. remember i am no expert!
  9. Sorted Skype out just on phone who knows why camera not working on laptop. willing to have a try whenever you are.!
  10. hello, nearly happy new year! managed to sort out my skype, please could you give me your skype details, my name is Lydia Harris
  11. will look on laptop. sure i downloaded Skype but haven't touched it in years. If you dont mind me asking what has made you think of picking up with sign again after 14 years. ? I saw people signing and the enthusiasm that goes in to what the deaf want to "say" made me want to try to learn. I am totally confused with longer sentences as to order of signing words! thanks.
  12. New myself is there a way of speaking privately that you are happy with? I just wondered what area you are from. different sign areas. Facebook maybe? let me know. thanks
  13. Hello there LisaBoo If you are ok practicing with an oldy i would love to have a recap level 1 with you. I dont know who reads whose messages but I am Lydia, passed level 1, live in Lancashire and am struggling with level 2.. Hope your having a nice Christmas.
  14. Thanks Rob. small sentences make sense verb at end. When there are two or more verbs in the same sentence my brain starts to think English again help! Bridge man stand .....(.fine) What happens to "The lady ran past the man stood on the bridge" thanks
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