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  1. Thank you so much!! This is really encouraging, im keen to contact people with my college's support for learning more on a one to one basis
  2. Fairly new to learning BSL, would love some feedback. Im aware of mistakes ive made, nerves got to me a bit! Would love any feedback or comments, they would be much appreciated
  3. Going to be building on this with my EPQ once college starts in a week!! Posted about it on this forum ^^ very excited
  4. Hello!! New to this site, but very excited to see that resources for BSL out there are on the rise! I'm going into college in a week's time, and as part of my A Level choices, I will also be completing an EPQ "Extended Project Qualification", which is worth half an A Level, additionally. It can be on any topic, and I have chosen to conduct a social experiment based understanding BSL and how to communicate with members of the deaf community. I will be using earphones/headphones to block all sound for three days during the school regime, and recording easy signs to encourage other hearing students to communicate in a preferred way with those that struggle with impaired hearing, we have quite a few in our Year group. I think these students should have a right to communicate with others in the way they feel most comfortable with in the same way we do, and to assure them that they are not necessarily at a disadvantage! The aim of the experiment for me is really to open other people's eyes to the difficulties students in particular face when deaf, which others take for granted. It must be so isolating! So, I wanted to do this to encourage a better understanding of our peers and hopefully kickstart learning BSL in my college!! :) Any opinions on this would be much appreciated, especially recordings 😂😂 :D
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