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  1. We've had a couple of queries about how to enable push notifications on these forums so that you are notified about replies, and posts you're following, in your browser or device even if you don't have the page open. These notifications can be enabled within your settings: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/notifications/options/
  2. Hello Lexi, You might find the fingerspelling game useful for this if you haven't already seen it: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/fingerspelling/fingerspelling-game/ This game will spell random words to you and you have to see how many you can get right in 2 minutes. You can slow it down or speed it up if you wish. Good luck 🙂
  3. Hello Daisy, The BSL video chat should work on most laptops without any additional software. If you are still having difficulty please can you email a screenshot of what you are seeing to [email protected] ? Thanks.
  4. Hello Lauren - your login details were emailed to you when you enrolled on the course - sorry if they didn't arrive. If you haven't received them please can you email [email protected] for assistance.
  5. Simon (admin)

    hi !

    Hello @libby jo - Happy to help. What are you trying to work out?
  6. British Sign Language GCSE may be introduced during this Parliament after legal action threatened. Some great news of progress towards a GCSE in British Sign Language... Well done to Daniel Jillings for campaigning on this. Read more on TES: https://www.tes.com/news/government-u-turn-over-sign-language-gcse
  7. We have added a topic to these forums where you can post if you are looking for, or are offering, any BSL or related job vacancies: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/forum/19-job-vacancies/
  8. Hello @RubyBC. This should be working again in Firefox now - please let me know if it is working for you.
  9. Over the past few days we have upgraded the video recording software used on this site. Video recording should now be a smooth process and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. To record a video in a post just press the red button below the text input box when you are creating a topic or replying to a post.
  10. Display the BSL Used Here logo so that your visitors or customers know that you are able to offer services in British Sign Language or that there is an interpreter available. You can find out more about this by visiting: https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/sign-language-used-here/logo/
  11. Thanks @Peter Exeter - that's great feedback. Can you let me know which text you are referring to? Do you mean the main text of the posts?
  12. We have updated the British Sign Language video chat rooms today and you will now notice a big improvement in the quality and ease of use. You can find the video chat rooms here. To get started you can join an existing room, or create your own room. This is a great resource for chatting with others in BSL as well as a place for learners to meet up with their classmates between lessons to get some practice in.
  13. An interesting video sent to us by Ear Science Institute Australia. 🔊 Hearing Loss Simulator watch with sound 🔊 Hearing loss is one of the world's fastest growing conditions and experts predict 1 in 4 people will have hearing loss by 2050. Share this video to show people what hearing loss sounds like.
  14. Hello @Lesley Silvester - it appears that your webcam doesn't support the frame rate of recording (the number of still images it takes per second) that we were using by default. I have reduced this to a more standard setting and I think that may solve the issue that you had - let me know if you get a chance to try it again. - EDIT: Further investigation suggests that this isn't the case -the frame rate was already correct. Did you plug your webcam in after you had opened the recording window? The video recorder couldn't see your webcam so it could be that if you plugged it in just before recording this was too late.
  15. Hello @KaleLing - I'll take a look at the server too to see if we can tweak the settings to improve the quality a little. You do not need to wait when you see the '2 minute' notice - you can still submit your post and the video will appear there once it has been processed.
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