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  1. Hey Turtz, I'm really sorry but I can't offer any advice myself as I'm still trying the course you've completed, Hopefully the government starts working on other ways to help out d/Deaf people in a society like ours. I find exclusion in groups to be a big problem personally. I hope everything goes ok for you and family, hopes are with you ❤️
  2. Welcome to the forum, Victoria! I hope we can help you develop your ability to sign :D
  3. until
    Hello all! I'm starting an open-event in the BSL video chat room tab on Tuesday January 18th! This event is open for all to attend. Hope to see you there! -//Ekito// P.S. Icrebreaker; What's your name? What did you do this morning? What did you do today? There's lots of ways to engage in conversation via sign language, I find the best way is to sign slowly to build confidence. Have a wonderful day!
  4. I really liked reading your poem! It's a talent I lack myself haha, although my signing is not very distinct, it felt alright to read some content in sign to get my eyes used to reading face/hand movements! take care Sue!
  5. That's great to hear Helen, welcome to the sign language forum! I hope we can help you develop your sign language skills!
  6. The event starts on the 24th of January, I'm not sure about the time though. If you hope to attend, I hope the event benefits your signing skills!
  7. Hey thepolyglotlion! I don't know of any sort of sign that indicates said person is mute, you could do "Me not speak" or such other things, I couldn't find any dictionary search for "Mute". If there's a word you don't know the sign for, always finger-spell it so whoever you're signing with catches what you're trying so say. Hope I could help
  8. 🤯 I'm alive! I reckon I should give up Japanese in favour of BSL, as I realise I'm not very good at registering spoken Japanese, I can read minority of Kanji and such, but other than that I'm hopeless. So from here on I'm going to put aside more time for BSL. However I have more books on Japanese than BSL. 😅


    So now I have my new resolution, put forward more time to BSL! Happy new year everyone! Sorry I was a little late!

  9. Hey Kevin, welcome to the bsl forum! I Hope we'll be able to aide you in learning more sign language
  10. I have noticed no matter what kind of external camera you use for this website, the quality and speed is always very choppy. But there is something you can do about it! :) A bright light to illuminate the area the camera covers helps with camera speed a lot. Sorry I am not able to provide an example, but trust me it works! Have a great day everyone :)
  11. Aah, I might not be able to attend Remark's classes, or go to London very easily. So I'm just following them :)


  12. I'll try join, I have a date tomorrow but not sure if time will collide or not. have good day Kieran
  13. Hi Laura! Welcome to the forum! 😁 I hope my message gives you a warm welcome to this wonderful website of helpful users, interesting posts and Memorable signs! Have a good morning, afternoon, and good night ^^
  14. August 9th 2021


    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been very active in the forum recently, I was taking a break from BSL course because I realised I was starting to burn myself out.

    Just a friendly reminder to take a break from anything if you feel like you're getting tired.

    Sure, repetition is a good way of learning a language, but repetition is also like a double-edged sword.

    If you swing too quickly, you might lose your grip and slash your arms.


    My week has been ehh..(?!) (Best definition ever). I recently found myself in a new relationship! I'm really happy and have been feeling pretty good! So now I'm back to work hard on BSL again, remember not to over-do it peeps!  😁  😁  😁  😁


    For now, Ekito out! 

  15. Hey peoples! Ekito here

    Thanks to those who attended, I think it helped me out a fair bit :)

    I definitely need to get better at fingerspelling and paying attention haha,

    (it seriously was difficult :( )

    But regardless, thanks to those who attended and I hope we can do it again some time soon :)


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