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  1. Hey Kevin, welcome to the bsl forum! I Hope we'll be able to aide you in learning more sign language
  2. I have noticed no matter what kind of external camera you use for this website, the quality and speed is always very choppy. But there is something you can do about it! :) A bright light to illuminate the area the camera covers helps with camera speed a lot. Sorry I am not able to provide an example, but trust me it works! Have a great day everyone :)
  3. Aah, I might not be able to attend Remark's classes, or go to London very easily. So I'm just following them :)


  4. I'll try join, I have a date tomorrow but not sure if time will collide or not. have good day Kieran
  5. Hi Laura! Welcome to the forum! 😁 I hope my message gives you a warm welcome to this wonderful website of helpful users, interesting posts and Memorable signs! Have a good morning, afternoon, and good night ^^
  6. August 9th 2021


    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been very active in the forum recently, I was taking a break from BSL course because I realised I was starting to burn myself out.

    Just a friendly reminder to take a break from anything if you feel like you're getting tired.

    Sure, repetition is a good way of learning a language, but repetition is also like a double-edged sword.

    If you swing too quickly, you might lose your grip and slash your arms.


    My week has been ehh..(?!) (Best definition ever). I recently found myself in a new relationship! I'm really happy and have been feeling pretty good! So now I'm back to work hard on BSL again, remember not to over-do it peeps!  😁  😁  😁  😁


    For now, Ekito out! 

  7. Hey peoples! Ekito here

    Thanks to those who attended, I think it helped me out a fair bit :)

    I definitely need to get better at fingerspelling and paying attention haha,

    (it seriously was difficult :( )

    But regardless, thanks to those who attended and I hope we can do it again some time soon :)


  8. Dearest apologies, but the event will be postponed to 4:10pm due to personal matters, apologies everyone.
  9. until

    Extremely sorry, but the event will be delayed to 4:10 due to personal matters, apologies to everyone
  10. until
    All Levels are welcome to join this event Please conduct yourself appropriately and treat everyone how you wish to be treated. Event will start from 2:10pm - 3:10pm Sorry if I sound bone-chilling, haha! Don't worry too much, the video chat will be a casual, informal thing. you don't have to have your mic or video on, See you all there! https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/bsl-video-chat-rooms/
  11. Uwa...Feeling kind of tired, I hope I'll be able to go to sleep without my fan.

    haha, is that even possible? 🤔

  12. Session will last 1 hour, if room overfills use the over rooms!
  13. Hello, Everyone! Ekito here, Let's organise a video chat to help each other's signing skills! There is no specific requirement regarding your signing skills, Please behave yourself & respect others Meeting time & room Mixed signing room, https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/bsl-video-chat-rooms/ [Friday, July 23rd, 2021, 2:10pm] If anyone wishes to join and/or organise another video-meeting, please feel free to comment and follow topics
  14. Hi, Clare! It's nice to see you post! Welcome to the BSL Forum, I know it's not much of an official welcome, but I hope I helped you feel welcome ^^
  15. Hello, everyone! I started doing the level 1 course from British-sign, so far I'm having a lot of fun doing it! However, reinforced learning takes one topic already interesting & makes it a lot better, learning on your own is comfortable, sometimes slow, and can burn you out quickly, but working together helps a ton! I hope we can work together to achieve what we all want to do! ^^ My name is Ekito and I can hear, I am 18 and plan to learn more BSL after I finish this Level 1 course, the course at my own college is very expensive and they won't help me pay for it unfortunately, b
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