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  1. hi, my name Budi Sumarno from Indonesia
  2. Hi May Name Budi Sumarno from indonesia, I am the founder of Indonesian film inclusion, wanting to introduce film inclusion in Indonesia as follows: What is "INDONESIAN INCLUSION FILM". Introduction An activity from Indonesian Movie Lover Community - Komunitas Cinta Film Indonesia (KCFI) which tries to be a bridge between persons with disabilities and discrimination against Children With HIV-AIDS (ADHA) and Children who are victims of Narcotics to facilitate education related to the film and creative world. Of course, education is sulking to the abilities of each individual and their interests. So the ingredients were formed: INDONESIAN INCLUSION FILM VISION Realizing and Giving equal rights to all persons with disabilities and marginalized groups to get the opportunity to achieve their potential to maximally respect, respect and support the potential of persons with disabilities to work in the field of film, as well as maintain the dignity of persons with disabilities, fulfillment and protection in community activities. Mission: Become a forum for disabilities and people with special needs who take education in the field of film inclusive. Provide opportunities as broad as possible to the Disability community who have physical, emotional, mental, and social abnormalities or have the intelligence potential and / or special talents to obtain quality education in accordance with their needs and abilities. Increase self-confidence and develop self-reliance on Disability and marginalized communities .. Realizing the provision of Special education that respects diversity, and is not discriminatory especially in the field of film. Become the organizer of information dissemination activities and training related to cinema to fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities and inclusive lives. Becoming an institution of development and competence of educator resources through the provision of special education in Film Inclusion training. Becoming a media of information and communication for maysrakat Inclusion especially in the field of film. Become a development center that produces creative ideas that aim to form the best work for persons with disabilities and marginalized communities. Participate actively in the efforts to develop and improve human resources in the Inclusion community. Collaborate with the Government, Community, Inclusion Institutions, donor institutions, disabled people organizations, parent organizations, professionals, and all stakeholders with the aim of advocating for the fulfillment of the rights of persons with disabilities. Participating also in advancing Indonesian Film in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the Indonesian Love Film Community, both at home and abroad. website : www.cintafilmindonesia.com www.inklusifilmindonesia.com Mobile Phone : +62815 1440 6422
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