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  1. These are the 2 apps I use. I was in the chat room but couldn't wait around . Sorry
  2. im in the beginners chat room on here in the video setion
  3. Gimme a few minutes and will join you
  4. Hi again Are you able to get to a pc in the next hour or so to join the chat room and I can show you the apps and bits I can send over
  5. Morning. I passed my level 1 about 2 years ago. I have found 2 free apps that I can go back to reference and all my notes, downloaded help sheets and videos I keep on my phone and continue to work and add to. If you would like I can help with some albeit limited practice on here.
  6. yep we are on skype right now if you want to join or on the video option here
  7. im on skype look for rob brindlow and a picture of a tuxedo cat on a blue blanket that is me
  8. gimme a few minutes im trying to sort skype
  9. sadly i dont have skype or whatsapp. on facebook theres a page im on that can do live and i can invite you to it whats your ID
  10. what platforms are you able to access
  11. im in the chat room video when your ready. if it asks for permissions on your computer you will need to allow
  12. Is 10am ok I have something to finish and do you want to do it on the video option on here
  13. That's not a problem I can help with that. When would you like to start
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