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  1. Rob Brindlow

    Video practice and why

    So a while ago I did video for YouTube and have found it again. If you feel like practicing with me I'm open to helping out
  2. Rob Brindlow

    Rough Practice Video - family and event

    Hi I'm rusty with my bsl but from what I can see you have done quite Well and were clear to what you wanted to say. Well done you keep it up
  3. Rob Brindlow

    Chat and practice

    Hi I'm.going to be in the chat room from 7:30pm until 8pm uk time tomorrow night if anyone's interested in joining
  4. Rob Brindlow

    Good learning advice

    Hey Lydia, first of all don't give up on it because of whats happened, its their fault and they will have to live with it. Keep going. I'm self taught and want to continue but am currently unable to for the next few months but from what i can see from the replies you have gotten you have lots of people including me who will give what help we can.
  5. Rob Brindlow

    your experience

    I was asked once what is it like to be deaf? now i should explain that at the time i was very ignorant to my situation (and i was trying to impress the girl at the time) and said that it was like having a needle hammered into my head. needless to say it didnt work however over time i have had time to think about it and have now come up with a much better answer and i want to see if anyone else feels this way hence why i am writing this. i now describe it like this. "What is the loneliest you have ever felt? because i have had to carry that feeling around with me all my life (regarding to this situation) and overtime i have tried and found ways to ignore it and these have worked about 70% of the time and now it doesnt always bother me. Now i am not saying that it is the end of the world for people like us and in my situation i only have hearing loss in my left ear but have the bonus that the outer ear is fully formed and its just the nerve that is damaged. How have you dealt with your condition and does/has it bothered you?
  6. Rob Brindlow

    Looking for video help :)

    also i have found that my pc camera doesnt work on this site for some reason so i have been chatting with another member named Mark and we are going to be having a skype session which your more than welcome to join. details can be provided if you wish or if you want to do a video session on here then we can do that as well and i can use my other pc as i know that works on here
  7. Rob Brindlow


    go for it, it is a challenge but worth while and also handy for yourself to teach others even if its only basic phrases
  8. Rob Brindlow

    i have nerve deafness

    hi, i was born with nerve deafness in my left ear and as i gt older my right ear is now struggling to cope and i had been toying with learning for years but with the advent of online learning i took the plunge and havent regretted it. im still doing it at basic level but want to continue it on hence why i joined up here but am having camera troubles on my laptop but when i figure it i want to use the video chatting to get more practice on here any takers?
  9. Rob Brindlow

    What is your name sign?

    Hi my names rob
  10. Rob Brindlow

    Looking for video help :)

    Hi Lucy, i started around feb time and am looking to continue as well and would also like to continue practising, maybe we can help each other?
  11. hi, im Rob and im new to BSL and being half deaf due to nerve deafness from birth i have finally gotten round to learning the art. i have completed both the practical course on http://www.british-sign.co.uk/ and i did a centre of excellence theory course to which i have passed both and now have a taste for it. I am looking to continue even if its to chat and get some practice (as i dont have anyone in my family or friends who actually knows BSL) and would like to continue on, so that is where all you lovely people come in. If you want to practice with me over a video call then drop me an email on here and we can go from there. thanks in advance and have a good christmas