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  1. Hi Jane If you still want some help I am available tomorrow morning for video on here
  2. hi Hannah, from what i could see you were very clear with your actions and mouthing in time. im a level one but very rusty but i got nearly all of it. well done
  3. hi all i am in the video chat now if anyone wants to practice or simply talk about lockdown or anything else and will be there until 12
  4. hi all, all day tomorrow i will be signed in to help with either BSL or lockdown or if you would simply like to have another person to talk to about anything. is anyone interested?
  5. hi Molly i am ready if you want some help
  6. I can try to help if you want but will need 10 minutes to set myself up. Would you be able to do it in one of the video rooms on here?
  7. Hi mariam I can help with practice but not until tomorrow morning. Would you be interested and I'm a level 1
  8. Hi paige When are you thinking? I can help tomorrow morning
  9. Morning kirsty What time do you have in mind?
  10. Hi heather I am free tomorrow for practice if you like
  11. No worries try the apps I added
  12. These are the 2 apps I use. I was in the chat room but couldn't wait around . Sorry
  13. im in the beginners chat room on here in the video setion
  14. Gimme a few minutes and will join you
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