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  1. its not a problem, if you would like to practice whilst youre learning let me know, im happy too
  2. Hiya, i interested in practising with some people if anyone would like to video chat or use the forum chat room
  3. Hi corinne are you still online and available to practice?
  4. Apologies i've only just seen the replies! I'm currently practising for the final assessment so i am happy to review any clips or anything that would help
  5. Would anyone like to do some bsl practice on video chat or another means? would love the chance to practice with no voice?
  6. Hiya - i'm not far of doing the final assessment and would love to practice let me know when you're free?
  7. Hi I'm Molly, I've been learning bsl for about a year and a half now through my universities Sign language society and wanted to learn through some more official channels and broaden my sign. Love to practice as much as i can and would love to work with deaf student in theatre one day :)
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