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  1. Tals

    Practice partners, any level wanted

    I cant find you but this is me https://join.skype.com/invite/kbV0NmQdBiRT
  2. Tals

    Practice partners, any level wanted

    I could do Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. I'll add you on Skype now and msg you
  3. Tals

    Practice partners, any level wanted

    Skype for me. I'm working to level 3. I've already completed half of it and passed.
  4. Mine is hermeneutics ❤️ There is no video for this but it's my favourite x
  5. Tals

    Practice partners, any level wanted

    Hi Shaun I'd be interested in practicing with you. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm back after a long break as I lost someone and had to gather myself. I'm looking to practice ideally with a level 2 or above signer. I'm half way through my level 3. Sorry if you replied to my last post or messages me and never heard from me but I hope that now it's been explained why I didn't come back, that anyone sees it wasn't personal. Thank you
  7. Hey there, Anyone looking to practice on here? If so happy to make a time and day to come practice 😊