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  1. It's the letter M and sign for wife 😊
  2. Brilliant nice to have you join our Facebook group. Hopefully we can all practice soon
  3. Hope you found it 😊
  4. Definitely teaching assistant
  5. Would anyone be interested joining a Facebook group to practice. I'm finding people aren't around here very often. Hopefully this will be allowed as it's purely for improving our BSL. It's called BSL forum
  6. I try come on weekly if I can I've passed my level three. It depends what's going on in my life. Maybe a Facebook group would work better? We may get more people to practice with also. I've just created a group on Facebook called BSL forum if anyone wants to join 😊
  7. Teacher and London aren't quite right. Everything else was really good. The more you practice, the more it comes. Well done 👍
  8. I've not heard of it. Could you post a link and I could look at it for you
  9. What specifically are you wanting help with?
  10. They won't have changed, they are regional. So depending on where your tutor is from depends on their signs
  11. If you download the app sign BSL and search shed, it's on there
  12. Know then point with facial. Have you seen it so you would have to explain what it is. For instance have you seen the beautiful flowers near my house? or have you seen the new film "title". It's not clear what it is, or where I might see it.
  13. BSL doesn't translate word for word. You need the meanings. What's the song trying to say?
  14. At level one I wouldn't worry about it too much. The question does come at the end. So it goes topic and comment or the canonical order is object-subject-verb. Object Being a person or place. Subject being person or people Verb being the doing action. I know this will probably be difficult to understand but you do go through it in level 2. A good way for me has been watch something like BSL zone where you can see how this happens.
  15. I cant find you but this is me https://join.skype.com/invite/kbV0NmQdBiRT
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