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  1. Have a look on Youtube at 'BSL learning with Mel' - she's a BSL tutor from the south-east and as well as doing the videos she says she does 1-to-1 Skype Tuition. Her videos are great.
  2. I was really hoping someone with more knowledge would answer this, expect you've done this by now, but anyway here's what I think (please correct me anyone?!) So the question in English would be 'What did you have for breakfast?' ( did implies 'this morning') or; 'What do you have for breakfast?' (do implies 'usually') But there are no tenses in BSL, so you give the timeframe first: 'This morning [or usually] breakfast you eat what?' I'm fairly sure of that part, the answer, less certain, 'This morning, Breakfast I toast eat' - at least I think it's that orde
  3. Not to worry facetime is on 07870 783468, after 7pm this evening's fine - I'd tried to use the 'send message to user' on this forum to send you a message, but looks like I failed!
  4. Hi Aiden, messaged you my facetime details, hope it came through OK
  5. Hi Aidan, I've been learning online since January, haven't had much chance to practice with real people so would like to give it a go! I'm available for Skype most evenings this week except Thursday - I'll message Skype name if anyone interested.
  6. Open your hand in front of your chest, palm facing you, and close it into a fist
  7. The question would be: "Pets have what?" Answer: "Me, one cat have". What, where, when, why, who, go at the end in BSL. I've only been learning myself since January though, so if anyone else disagrees, take their advice!
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