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  1. Hey! I am doing a major 2-year project on the accessibility of learning BSL. I would love to hear about a wide variety of people's experiences learning sign language. If you could tell me why you are learning sign language, how you are learning it, how much it cost for you to learn it, and finally how much aid you have had in learning it (eg - I am learning it because I want to be a paramedic when I am older, I am learning it through the british-sign course, it cost me £20, and I have had no aid). It would be SUPER helpful to get loads of different answers to these questions - and don't worry, I won't mention any names in my essay, it will be completely anonymous. Thank you so much in advance :P
  2. Hiya. I'm currently doing BSL level 1, and I would quite like to practice with someone, but being quite a young person I am worried about the safety implications of the online chats. Has anyone ever had a bad experience on the chat before? I know that it's not the nicest thing to be asking, but you can't be too careful 😉
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