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  1. Vikki Voyce

    Question structure

    I would sign 'help me' and use facial expression to show you are asking them to help you.
  2. Hi all, I live in kent but am happy to work through regional sign differences and practice with anyone who would like to practice. I learnt to sign as a teen about 25 years ago but only recently decided it was about time I signed up to a level one class to gain my qualifications as would like a career change. Am easy going and friendly.
  3. Vikki Voyce

    learning from the begining wanting to make friends

    Hi, am happy to practice with you. I live in kent so may have some regional sign differences but we can work through that. I'm on level one at the moment but have been signing for over 25 years (figured it was about time I got my qualifications)
  4. Vikki Voyce

    what i know so far - introduction

    Hi Noah, great signing. Could understand everything you signed. I live in the UK and am happy to practice with you if you would like. Vikki.