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  1. Whether you already work in healthcare or are looking for a new career, All Saints Hospital - a deaf mental health service – is holding a Recruitment Open Day on Friday 29th November. Vacancies are available for Healthcare Assistants and Nurses (including Preceptees) in permanent and bank positions. Interviews are being held throughout the day, between 9am-3pm, so bring your CV and you could walk away with a new job! You will join a team of deaf and hearing staff members that provides care and support for people with mental health conditions who are deaf or have complex communication needs. As permanent Registered Nurse you can earn up to £30,000 a year, or £14.80 per hour as bank staff. As a permanent Healthcare Assistant you can up to £18,965 a year, or £8.50 per hour as bank staff. At Elysium it’s not just a job. It’s what delivering great healthcare should feel like. Register: https://www.elysiumhealthcare.co.uk/open-days/all-saints/
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