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    Help me with my project?

    HI Fleur Just to help with your project, I am learning BSL because I work part time at the Royal Association for the Deaf as a Monitoring and reporting assistant. Many of the people at work are deaf and it is therefore a requirement that all employees are proficient in BSL Level 2. Although I am still part of the way through Level 1 (started the course in Sept 2019) I can see how it will useful when querying expenses etc. I have passed the first assessment of Level 1, although at the age of nearly 71 yrs still sometimes have difficulty picking up some of the signs (it must be my age) but you are never to old to learn new things. My course consists of one 2 hr morning session a week (paid for by RAD) with 8 other people and one tutor. I find it very interesting (and sometimes frustrating) as the tutor himself is completely deaf, but am really enjoying it. Good luck with the project Les