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  1. I think number 3 is "normally". Can't help with the others though. Also see this link for number 1 https://bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk/dictionary/featuresearch/?handshape=5.3&location=10&query=&page=9 That website is good for looking up signs because you can search by hand shapes and position.
  2. I'm at about the same point in the course. Want to practice together a bit?
  3. Where have you got to in the course Laurie-Anne?
  4. Hi all, I've been interested in languages including BSL since I was in my teens (now in my 30s). Back then I couldn't find a sensibly priced course in my area and there wasn't as much avalible online. As our dear friend Covid-19 has utterly ruined my plans for the next few months (I'm in an 'at risk' group), I decided to use some of the time that I'll be stuck in the house to make a proper start on learning to sign. I know a few signs, but never got much past finger spelling. Anyone else here using online courses to help them stay sane while self isolating?
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