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  1. Thanks - I will have a search for Olly Richards and see what I find. Ken
  2. I have just restarted trying to learn a bit of BSL - it is almost 2 years since I started and then gave up! I am planning on completing the BSL online course this time and hope to find someone to practise signing with. I attend weekly lip reading classes
  3. I am new to BSL and currently working my way through the basic online course. I wonder if someone could satisfy my curiosity as to how much a person could understand from the daily government briefings if they had no hearing and relied solely on the person signing. I have been very impressed with the expressive signing that happens during the briefings. Ken
  4. I’m Ken – a retired teacher, living in Hampshire. I play tennis and golf regularly – or at least I used to until CV19! I have quite severe hearing loss in both ears, helped by hearing aids, though I can only really follow much of what is being said if I am standing in front of the speaker. I am new to BSL and have just completed module 3 of the basic course. I have also started attending lip-reading classes - but they have stopped for now with the lockdown! It would be great to be able to learn to chat via BSL with someone – though, with my current skills, it would be at a very simple level! This is a step into the unknown for me!
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