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  1. Hi Sallyann! I just came across your message. I hope you're well and great that you've been using your time to learn BSL. Me too! I've just finished the course but struggling to know how not to forget it all! Let me know if you're up for someone to practice with as I'd love to be using what I've learnt. I work in theatre so I'm without work but always watnted to learn BSL and have really enjoyed it! Best, Jesse
  2. Hi Kiera, I'm in the same position as you. Let me know if you want to practice some time as I keep forgeting vocab through not practicing!
  3. Hi Ellie and Phoebe! I've enjoyed watching your videos for practice. I really need to have video chats to keep practicing between the levels so I don't forget everything I learnt. Are you up for some practice? I tried to record a video here but it didn't work! Jesse
  4. Hi there! My name's Jesse and I live in Bristol. I'm a performer and sometimes have BSL interpreters in the shows I'm in. I make shows for kids and am being asked more and more to incorporate maketon. I did a theatre residency a year ago and one of the participants is deaf so we had interpreters all week and created our sign names. It was fascinating how my relationship with communication changed over that week and I was really interested in learning more so lockdown and all my work being cancelled has created a good opportunity!
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