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  1. Heyy, So I'm practicing my Level 1 words and phrases and finding it hard not to just sign lots of mini sentences e.g. My name is Ellie. I am 24 years old. I have 2 brothers. My brother is called.." etc. Are there signs for words such as "and", "but", "because", "so" etc. so I can sign longer continuous sentences...? Without a word such as "and" I don't understand how you say more than just lots of short phrases and sentences. I was practicing earlier siging "My favourite colour is Blue" and then i wanted to go on and say more about myself or say "My favourite colours are Blue and green"...? Can anyone help? TIA! xx
  2. Thank you for your reply! I completely understand what you're saying about using shorter phrases/sentences to convey a longer English sentence. I think in the course, having taught us words like 'want' and 'like', the sentences were incorporating them e.g. "eat you want what?" specifically as opposed to just "eat you what?" which is where I was getting confused. It's interesting how different people choose to structure sentences in different ways it seems. I'll keep practicing! Thank you!
  3. Thanks! Yes! I don't know why I wasn't talking/mouthing in this one! I mostly do when practising! Although I do actually have a question about that...when speaking/mouthing while signing, should I use the BSL grammatical structure i.e. say exactly what I'm signing "work me what?" or try and say how i would in spoken E nglish even though the sentence structure is different? I tend to naturally speak the order of the signs but not sure if that's the right way? P.S I tried to sign in the video "thank you for helping me" but wasn't really sure how...hence the "Thank you, help me"
  4. Hi There, I just finished the Level 1 course with British-Sign.co.uk and want to know where to go next with my signing education? I really enjoyed how the course was set up with British-sign so something similar to that would be great and not too expensive...British-Sign were doing a deal where their £35 course could be done for a donation payment of as little as £3...I payed £15. Any ideas?
  5. Hi There, I just spent a couple of hours learning the food and drink signs and phrases (Lesson 8). I am really struggling to get my head round how to phrase the questions and responses and phrases. E.g. When you ask a question, "are you Hungry?" it is 'You Hungry?" but when it's "what would you like to eat", it's "eat you want what?"...so sometimes the "you" (i.e. the subject of the phrase/question) is first and sometimes it's the verb? Whereas my instinct is always to sign "you like eat what?"... When you say you like or don't like something, in the lesson they structured it as e.g. "fish I like" but in the test the man signed "I like fish"...does it matter? I am confused by when to use want and when to use like...is it just preference? In the lesson the question "what would you like to eat?" is signed as "eat you want what?" not "eat you like what"....so I just get muddled by the mixing up of "want" and "like".
  6. Heyy, I can't seem to find a sign for 'Nanny' as in the job...not as in 'grandmother' (apparently people use these interchangebly). I want to be able to fully sign "I work as a nanny"/"my job is a nanny"....but so far have just been using 'teacher'.
  7. You're name is Phoebe, You are 20. The weather is windy and sunny (I haven't covered weather yet but guessing/lip-reading). Your family consists of your dad - Ian, Mum - Jenny, sister - Larissa?, boyfriend - Oscar. I really like how you used the Listing approach to identify the members of your family. I'm struggling to get my head around when/the best way to do this!😄
  8. Hey! I'd love to do a skype or zoom session for practice! That would be amazing! When are you free? Just finished first attempts at tenses, telling the time, days of the week, months etc....so many signs now. I definitely need to keep practicing so as not to forget.
  9. Thank you so much for replying! Yes! So far I've got lots of vocab but not really sure how to connect things...so end up just saying lots of separate sentences/phrases. Just completed the section on interests this morning, which I really enjoyed...may try and do a video of that! P.s. sorry about the positioning - still can't work out where to put my hands in relation to myself on the camera. Keep getting muddled by my reflection and left and right 😂
  10. I just finished the topic on family and relationships but there doesn't appear to be a sign provided for Boyfriend. Can anyone show me - is it just 'boy' and 'friend'? or is there a specific sign like 'husband' and 'wife'? I'm still working on signing to the camera and knowing where to position my hands so the signs are clear so apologies for any weird looking signs. Quiz: How many brothers do I have? What are my brothers names? What did I tell you about my sister? How old are my parents? What do I not have (2 possible answers)?
  11. Love these! You're all definitely ahead of me although I figured out you were saying your favourite things. I just finished doing the Section 4 about animals, home, clothes, work and education. So although I have lots of vocab...I can't necessarily put lots of sentences together usefully. Will try and post one though when I feel confident to do so - speaking of, having just learnt the sign for 'self-confident' - it's one of my favourites!
  12. Hi There, My name is Ellie and I have been interested in BSL and other forms of signing for a long time from my experiences working and volunteering in schools and hospitals. I decided while Furloughed to use the time to study some BSL and after a week, am loving it! I am slow but comfortable introducing myself, signing colours, jobs and some places and counting to 100! Looking forward to continuing the course.
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