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  1. Please can you help. What sign do I use for mr and Mrs. Thank you
  2. What is the sign for see. Why are there so many variations on rainbow
  3. I agree with you. It must be difficult for a child to then learn a different way to write from how they talk. It’s bad enough understanding the concept of bsl Never mind translating that into class work for a child
  4. There isn’t any talking throughout this course
  5. I did this. I can’t remember e I o position
  6. Does the town Droitwich in Worcestershire have it’s own sign or do I fingerspell it . Also what is the sign for everyone, and is Mrs fingerspell mother Thank you. Christine
  7. I’m having difficulty accessing the live chats to practice, is this because I’m using an iPad instead of a computer
  8. my name is Christine I and I’m from the midlands.. I work as TA in a primary school, so this course will be very useful. I’m really enjoying the course I just need help practicing.
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