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  1. Thanks, Tals. That's interesting... M-spouse. I would imagine that it is the context that helps to define the meaning, so you could use either sign depending on?
  2. Hi there, I am a midwife, and I'm learning BSL, so for my 'introduce myself' section, I'm looking for the correct/concise sign. What I can think of myself is 'mother' (two taps with four fingers on the temple, dominant side) 'baby' (cradling a baby) 'nurse' (draw cross on outer aspect of non-dominant arm), but maybe that is just laughable. Is there an 'official' sign for midwife in BSL? I would love to know. Thanks for you help. Marijn
  3. Hi there, would the sign for ambulance (sirene) and then nurse (cross on outer aspect of non-dominant arm) not cover it? I know a paramedic is not just an 'ambulance nurse', but maybe it covers the meaning sufficiently? I'm a learner, so please don't take my word for gospel... Best wishes, Marijn
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Marijn, pronounced as in lemon-meringue, hence the nickname. I am learning BSL level 1 through an online provider, hope to find some opportunity to practice. I was diagnosed with hearing loss and wear CIC's (that is if they aren't out for repairs 😩) and as my hearing loss is progressive, I may well need SSE/BSL as a communication tool in the future. I work in health care, and although I can mostly get a BSL interpreter for D/deaf clients, it would be useful to have BSL skills, because one cannot rely on the availability of interpreters 24/7 and for every little thing. Furthermore, I love learning new skills, stops the brain from going mushy, but I'm not an academic learner, so learning BSL suits me very well, really enjoying it so far!
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