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  1. Hi guys, Music Teacher / Head of Department of almost 10 years here I actually introduced a project in my previous school where I sent out a weekly email to all staff with at least one sign on it that they could use with the students (please/thank you, sit down, quiet, can I help you etc.) At that point, I had only done my own research into basic signs. It was used by most staff successfully and I would randomly find students passing me in the hallways, asking me if I needed their help carrying my books / instruments etc. It was lovely! My current role is in a special school which actually has a deaf provision area for sixth formers, so it will be great to use my new Level 1 (starting L2 in Sept) skills with them! Best of luck to you both.
  2. Hi everyone, sorry I ended up not making it to the session yesterday - I'm a single mumsie and couldn't get a second without my little lady running around me lol. Hopefully next time!
  3. Hi everyone. I'm hoping to pop in to the session for about 15minutes. I'm super busy lol, but it will be good to at least meet ya'll and see what the session is like. Hope this is ok?
  4. Hey everyone! I am super excited to be here My daughter was born with a hearing impairment and wears a hearing aid every day, all day. Since I found out about her HI, I have made a conscious effort to include her in the deaf children's community and try to promote the inclusion of deaf students more in schools (I have been a school teacher for a decade, so I started a BSL project in my previous school to do this). I took my BSL Level 1 exam (Signature) last week and am expected to pass with flying colours! Yay! With that said, I am unbelievably excited to start my Level 2 in September and have been searching high and low for a group / forum just like this, where I can meet other BSL students / people from the deaf community and practice my skills. I look forward to meeting many of you soon (although, likely through Zoom!) Best wishes, Sarah
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