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  1. there never seems to be anyone using the chat rooms
  2. The skiing one I failed ,my re sit was on Saturday, topic was home life, ... I felt better about it just have to wait for the results again now.
  3. Hi Try the app ' Sign BSL ' .. its free, very useful ... type a word in and it show the video of the sign
  4. was this recent ? Im wondering if its possible I get this in my re-sit
  5. Question one was Bulgaria , I remember that as I thought Portugal to start off then changed mind, maybe was a different conversation?
  6. Hi Mike , the conversation was about skiing , winter Olympics , and snowy weather . Was a bit of a mix to be honest, I was familiar with one of the people in the video , not so much the other guy.
  7. Hi I have just joined up, just narrowly failed my my 321 Receptive exam, I am wondering if anyone has any links to help with level 3 receptive ? I use the usual stuff on YouTube and BSL Zone , just wondering if anyone has anything different ? Thanks in advance 👍
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