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  1. Hi, apparently it is. Someone I heard took it twice before pass it, and slike you have to re-sit I was looking for more info about it to better prepared I was advised to watch BSL zone docu-film on her . Did you fail only the sky one?
  2. Hello, is anyone who has done the receptive exam Level 3 Signature on Deaf HIstory about poet Dorothy Miles?
  3. Hi Than k you for your reply I failed the same exam, did you catch by any chance the fingerpelled name of the location in italy , question number 1 where the first guy went to ski?
  4. HI Mattk, I failed 321 exam as well, can you tell me please what was the video of the conversation about? I might have some old signature videos level 3 to share, if you are interested, but on line not much to practice as a real exam, check signworldlearn.com too. thank you Mike
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