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  1. Hi, I learned the BSL alphabet 15years ago at college and still remember it today. I've always wanted to learn it, but I've found I now have more of a driving force to push me into doing it. My godson has been diagnosed with Downsyndrome and to help with his communication my friends are going to try use Makaton with him. I want to be able to better communicate with him as he grows up and BSL will help me do that. I'm also trying to improve my own communication skills to better my facial expressions and speech as I'm quite monotone. Other than that I think just the idea that I can have a basic conversation with someone where BSL is perhaps their first or preferred language would be great. thanks
  2. Hi Daniela, Sounds like a good idea. I've just started and got up to the animals. There are long lists in this module to learn so would be good to practice these and get used to others signing them (not just the same man over and over)
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