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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone would like to connect through Whatsapp to send each others videos of signs from the course so we could practise the receptive skills. The signs in the quiz are not enough to practise. It would help us to learn to sign as well as read them. I am now in module 4 animals, so we could be practising with signs from all the 3-4 modules and then mix each of them as we progress.
  2. I have been put into situations where I observed sign language users and my intuition always told me to learn it myself. I do not know why I need it right now, but I trust my instinct and I feel it will be useful for me in the future. I would like to work with SEN children and it might be a useful addition to know BSL. I have some valuable qualities like great body language reading skills, and I already communicate using lots of gestures and facial expressions and I think those things can also help me to become a good BSL user.
  3. Hi everyone, I am Daniela, 35, from Bedfordshire. I learn BSL because my life has been putting me in situations where I could observe sign language users and I always felt my intuition telling me I should learn it because I will need it one day. I have a secret desire to work with SEN children and if I will be successful in that, I could use BSL if needed. I recognised in myself some skills that could make me a good BSL user, hopefully I will be able to keep learning. I do introductory course and I am not sure what further opportunities I will be able to get to learn. I am open to meet o
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