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  1. I understood that signing perfectly 😀 well done. Hope you get what you want to achieve with BSL, welcome to the Newbie signing community (myseld included)
  2. Hi, Im still a newbie but I think you can just get away with signing Question. Rather than Topic>Subject>Question THE SIGNS QUESTION? - Index finger and thumb tips touch to make make "O" shape which traces question mark shape in front of body. Unless you want to phrase it in a way that you are asking a specific question. The structure of asking a question in BSL is: TOPIC > SUBJECT > QUESTION e.g. LIVE (topic) > YOU (subject) > WHERE? (question) You can see this in the phrases: Spoken English British Sign Language What is your name? Name you what? How old are you? Age you what? What job do you have? Work you what? / Work you where? Where do you live? Live you where? Are you Deaf, or hearing? Deaf hearing you which? Hope this helps
  3. As I am going through the BSL online foundation, I have taken time out to introduce myself here. A little about me, I initially 'cut my teeth' with real basic BSL when I was doing voluntary work for a local PHAB (physically handicapped and Able Bodied) charity when I was serving in the RAF. I've now felt it's time to pick up where I left off many many years ago and, for my own diversity, decided to do some formal training. It came as a surprise to my boss when I put BSL on my annual learning goals for the year but, as I informed him, I wasn't aware of anyone in our company that uses sign language and it can only help our company in its goals to be a fully inclusive workplace for all. Apologies for the really bad signing in the video 😁
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