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  1. August 9th 2021


    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been very active in the forum recently, I was taking a break from BSL course because I realised I was starting to burn myself out.

    Just a friendly reminder to take a break from anything if you feel like you're getting tired.

    Sure, repetition is a good way of learning a language, but repetition is also like a double-edged sword.

    If you swing too quickly, you might lose your grip and slash your arms.


    My week has been ehh..(?!) (Best definition ever). I recently found myself in a new relationship! I'm really happy and have been feeling pretty good! So now I'm back to work hard on BSL again, remember not to over-do it peeps!  😁  😁  😁  😁


    For now, Ekito out! 

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