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  1. Excellent! I admire you for signing these sentences already - I feel so shy to try
  2. Hi Danny, welcome I have not learned as much as I would have liked to - started a few months ago - but I find that when I have had a gap in learning BSL doing a few fingerspelling games really helps
  3. You guys that do so amazingly at the fingerspelling challenge... I know I'm very new but I'm sure it slows me down how every time I type my answer it attached it at the end of the previous answer so I have to go back and erase and start over... Any tips?
  4. You can tell how unfamiliar this still feels! But it is lovely to have received your reply, thanks
  5. I wonder if dyslexia might be more of a problem for written words than signed ones? I hope so!
  6. Well done for coming back to it and I believe that when our brains fail us, our love for people will take over
  7. Hi I'm Wendy and I have only ever met one person from the Deaf community; it made me wish I knew how to communicate with him. I have always loved languages and would love to be fluent in BSL one day. It does feel strange and foreign though, like any new language does. I feel I need to build up a lot of courage before I post my little video of introducing myself in sign language!
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